About us

Eye media offers a full package of commercial advertising that includes artistic production, marketing, and broadcasting in all the local, regional, and global media outlets. The company has achieved great successes in providing the best services by ensuring that the goals of its customers are met; starting from suggesting the best marketing ideas for their adverts, organizing the most effective media plans and timetables, and finally providing official letters to the customers that the broadcasting of their adverts have been accomplished. 


Eye media is a full service production and marketing house handling all aspect of advertising campaigns. We provide research and marketing consultations and develop creative and targeted advertising strategies. The services we offer include:

  • Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Market Research and needs analysis
  • Design and Production
  • Advertising (print, outdoor, audio, video, internet, etc.) 
  • Media Placement
  • Legal Translation
  • Media Production
  • Event marketing
  • PR


 Eye media has the full capacity to produce high quality international adverts depending on a highly qualified professional and artistic staff. The production department includes:

  • A Professional Creativity Team
  • Production Staff
  • Decoration Team
  • Cast Team
  • Photography Team
  • Professional Iraqi and Foreign Producers and Directors